Blub rank promotion thing

I would like everyone to bow you heads and say a prayer
“Blub well done for achieving Warden to Pc in less than a year it’s is great have you in our community amen


Uh, i mean yeah blub did amazing and is one of my favorite PCs. But if it takes someone a whole year from W-PC Ima be concerned. It normally takes way less than a year 4 that

Still tho blub is amazing #WeLoveBlub

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Blub has no braincells but apart from that hed really cool.

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Its kinda cool. I really like the new promotion thing. I think its better than the previous one

Wait blub has no brain cells?
(Gib more characters)

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And now he has BoG.
More characters.

Yes now that’s a good revive, @Blub20074 Congrats on BoG, you deserve it

Yes indeed I allow these type of revives!

Good revive lol