Break room for staff

Staff get a break room, one for CO -ERT and one for COMM+, minigames like dart throwing, shooting etc. Also DONUts!!!

This would make the game more enjoyable and will definitely boost guards confidence when there is a raid.

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Donuts would be epic. Do you have any?!

I agree, this could improve roleplay but I dont think there needs to be any minigames or sth, maybe they can use the booking room for it because no one uses it except guards when they hit for example level 200 or sth

Yes i agree rhis would be great and darts could just be as decoration or something .

Oh and for shooting and darts put anq’s face there that will be easier and it will help people with target practice

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Omg yes i agree :star_struck: @anq_2789

Yes, to add onto this there could be one for CP+ or W+. And it could be at the time when inmates should be in their cells.

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