Bring back old warden uniforms

For some reason the changed the warden uniforms to blue. This is super disappointing because I put a lot of effort in becoming a warden and the uniforms resembled their hard work.

It’s easy becoming a W, CPs and FDs deserve the white uniform because they worked hard for it, I think the uniforms should stay the way it is right now

Warden uniforms should stay the same. You may put a lot of effort into getting warden, but it is a lot harder to get CP.

I want them back also, they were so good back in the day.

you can just grind for cp and for the higher ranks, ez

The warden uniforms should stay the same because CP is a rank that you work hard for (unless you buy the rank) but the rank warden is just get level 16 and pass 2 trainings. So my point is that the rank warden and CP have a huge difference and the rank warden is easy to get and CP isn’t.

The white uniforms are only given to admin ranks. (admins are considered people who actually have admin commands and the highest non-admjn commands rank). W used to be considered an admin rank too, since CP had admin, but after admin commands were removed from CP’s, W are now considered non-admins, so no white uniform.

I think the change is good as you know when someone is an MR+, which makes catching abusers, etc, a more straightforward job.

Chairperson and under does NOT have automatic admin permissions, so I think that warden should have the blue thingy because they 75% are kids and dont use grammar

His thing is correct tho…
Did you read it wrong or something because it’s right that W used to be considered a admin rank

maybe, maybe not because i joined 3 months ago

Grammar is only mandatory for FD+…

no i use grammar while i host sessions

We all know that :sunglasses:


We all know that Idot

(Characters please)

wow how did u know that???

u too, how did u know tagt