Bring back #Patrol logs

Are we really gonna continue just ranking people to a certain rank they don’t even deserve?

Hello fellow Stateview Staff. I am a concerned Chairperson here.

Today I am writing about the current administration.

As we all currently know, patrol logs are gone. This means no more real active staff, meaning this, how can we manage proper W+ promotions? Well, if we being back patrol logs, that’s how. Not only does helping in trainings and HW in shifts bring up your activity, so do patrol logs. We need them back NOW.

I can imagine how many proper staff we would have if we got patrol logs. I remember many W+ logging all their hard work and time into these channels. Suddenly, it’s all gone. All that hard work turns into misery and inactive staff (mainly W-CP after patrol logs went). I only know a handful of active CP’s. Many of these CP’s I bet with patrol logs will achieve high.

So, really in ending, I am hoping this comes to a conclusion and that we get back what we want.

Many thanks,
WyeCrxst - CP, SV Corp.

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I donno even what patrol logs is tho
Jerryomgxu - Facility director

Omg wait, ur jerry? I didnt know who u were lol-

Ya you idot Send pro image pls

And more faking
Just check HWs and helpers, when patrol logs were there i didnt even check them when ranking lol

Used to be a thing a few months ago, anyone could log “their patrols” as long as they showed proof.

I 100% agree tbh, it was a great feature, I don’t why it was removed.

Maybe add more evidence required for each shift? (e.g. a photo of the time in a screenshot, I’m sure someone could make a dev could make a command for this).