Bring back rank limits

Bring back rank limits to cp and fd like it was easier with rank limits then so many cp’s and FD’s like there so much and when there was rank limits it was way easier

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What are rank limits. Is it when no more than a sertan amount of people can have a rank.

there used to be rank limits for cp and fd but wwhen jimmy bought out the rank cp and fd for roubux the rank limits gone for cp and fd but it used to be easier with less cp and fd-


Yeah i think warden+ rank should not be buyable.


I agree with this. Because they too many HRs like you said.

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The main problem is rank buying, last reforms, 175 CP’s were reformed because they weren’t in discord (most likely rank buyers) so more than half of the CP’s were rank buyers. Also I disagree with inspections, it is mainly luck-based that you manage to attend, the only way you should be able to get CP in my opinion is by being active and getting noticed.

Update Rank CAPS

  • CP - Unlimited due to Chairperson is buyable rank,
  • FD - 50
  • CAC - 18(or 20 idk)
  • PC - 12
  • BoG - 5

CAC is 20 max now

I thought CAC limit changed to 18?

Oop yes its 18