Bring back some og features

I would absolutely love to see the return of the medbay and medical team. They would have a more relevant role now than they did back then due to the ability to be severely injured in game. Also removing the timer on solitary and max would supply usage for the solitary lunch room and the max security yard which are both areas I rarely see being used. Also I personally enjoyed getting to role-play as not only a prisoner but a maximum security prisoner. The addition of the timer has ruined this and has turned the max security into more of a timeout zone which I feel like was never meant to be it’s full intended use. It should be used to signify high risk prisoners and to help contain them better since they pose more of a threat.


Good idea, in my opinion the places you mentioned can stay, just for RP, and create a new
SV 2

but one place they should add is the utmost safety of the shower.