Bring back the "e" button

I don’t know if anyone can remember the “e” button but it was on the right side of the screen (normally) and it’s function was to open doors when you press it.
It was very functional for me, I don’t know if for anyone else, but now , when I’m in I Pad I need to lift my hand just to open the door, lift again to move and lift to close, before it was just near the buttons and it was less hussle.

Just only that. Thank you.

Signed by,

Warden of SVP


I Donno about that I don’t play on mobile

So I guess?

Could you like provide a pic of the “e” button?

(Or is this just a whitejaguar meme?)

Fully agree, opening doors on mobile can give you a rough time

Sometimes I miss the 3 buttons, the crouch, sprint and “e”

Fully agree. I remember those times where you could press a button on the screen instead of picking your hand up to the door and press it. Made it much comfortable to use. Yes I also agree on sprint but like 50 50 cause it automatically does it so I may be calm. Crouch button is already here but bigger.