Bring back the Media Department?

I know what you’re thinking. The Media Department has been dead for a long time but I believe it is worth while attempting to restart/revive it. The Media Department could run a news website of sorts where they post daily/weekly Stateview related news. This “SV News” website could also be a way of advertising and bringing new players to the game. I personally believe that the Media Department should be brought back because it helps players join the Stateview Community. There is potential in the Stateview Media Department, and I know it was shut down for a reason, but maybe, just maybe, it could return sometime soon.

That is all for me
Thank you for reading/considering my feature request,

-Haz (Biizr)

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please shut up thank you very much biizr


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Wow, nice opinion. I just don’t see who asked…

Very rude indeed (now I have to say random things to get the character limit)

Shut no need no onecare bout media department

Hey! Lemme edit some sv news for you to review. :slight_smile:

There is no way in hell we will get the media department to be active again. It is just really hard and their job was never really set out on paper. A news team may be a good idea, the only concerning thing is that some editors will have biased views which may make the department unpopular. If there was to be a “news team” it would have to be official and monitored regularly by leadership which they probably won’t have time to do.

Yes, while I do agree that it has to be monitored closely, I feel like the “Media Department” could have some freedom if they were handpicked by leadership or put through a series of tests/trials. If they only picked say 10 people, it would also reduce bias and the amount of attention required from Leadership.

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I remember that ■■■■ very cool lol