Bring back the medic team!

So some of us remember the medic team, and we all liked it. We should bring it back. The medic team could be unlocked at level 3 or 5 and it could have some perks.

  • CPR twice as fast. This is important since after all they ARE the MEDIC team.
  • Get a medic kit. The medic kit could heal any inmates or officers if they are hurt, it cannot heal them if they die. The thing about a medic kit is that you cannot heal an officer who is abusing.
    *Medics also cannot heal themselves with the medic kit.
    *They should get bandages. Bandages can only help heal themselves.

The medic team should spawn in the basement and there should also be a medic center in the basement so the basement gets used. In the medical center there should be beds and maybe an X-ray.


Please leave your comments, suggestions, or opinions.


This probably won’t be added as it is a high update and will take so much time to people get in it, And probably won’t be followed correctly, And… Abusers having a way to heal themselves? Do not match… We alredy have a system of healing people, Only if SV adds that a person can only be healed by a medic, But this won’t do good…

Sorry I misspelled.

I meant that medics could not heal themselves.

The med kit should be the same like before, the med kit can only heal others.

Yes that is what I said.

I said that.

Yeah but they can’t make the med kit not heal officers who are abusing