Bring back the V1 Uniform Style

Have it so the Staff can choose parts of their uniform, obviously keep it so the shirts are mandatory buy make the duty belt/vests/hat optional. The hats are just really annoying sometimes and aren’t really needed, and the ERT vest is kinda ugly and the duty belt can be optional for hosts and co hosts if they don’t wish to wear it.

Just why
There’s no reason since you even said it’s compulsory. Also I think no one really cares about the duty belt.

But I do agree with the ERT vest and they should make it optional

I would agree in someway cause for like riots, like make it more RP and for the RPC Too, But if it was to be like V1 LR WILL take the MR+ Uniforms as they want and they will think that they are “cooler”.

skoseck - Chairperson