Bring back the votekick

Even though votekick was abused, it was a good idea.

Now, calling a mod, waiting a response and reporting it, costs so much time for the reporter and for the admin.

My suggestion is adding it back for DW+ for example and when started, everyone votes but it will, for example, need approval of a W+ or an admin. This way, is easier to fight exploiters and it requires less time for everyone to report. Maybe we can find a way so people don’t abuse it with this system.


I loved the vote kick system BUT it did got abused ALOT, I more love now the mod system instead of the Votekick system, because now it can’t be abused unlike the Votekick system did.


I disagree. The Votekick command allowed for the consistent, and repetitive abuse of lower employees to further acquire control over the game, prohibiting the point and enjoyment of the game. Mod call is much more efficient.

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Bro vote kick won’t get added back.

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I highly disagree. The votekick system will just be abused again and a warden can also easily abuse the system. Admins aren’t always in-game to approve the votekicks. It won’t be added back probably.


how about W+ can initiate but SI or CP+ (or someone who can view the suspect) can approve or deny. (person who apprves cant be initiator)

The only reason why this wouldn’t happen is because the Game Administration department has already been brought into Stateview in which Votekicks were abused to much.

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Yea i agree, last time i wanted to report an abuser, i ised miscall, but that guy found out and put me in max to do me from seeing the mod

Votekick would be so much better

Votekick for CP+ would be good because

  1. CP is not buyable anymore
  2. most people who bought CP are likely inactive
  3. CP is given by being noticed now its assumed you know the rules.

but our reasoning will never be looked at tbh.

Maybe like a courtroom, but this would be adding a new team as well ~ The Judges. Then there was be an accuser and the suspect. The judge would decide if they needed a votekick then press a button, kicking the player from the game.

And there could be a ballot box in the ERT spawn and the CO spawn.

They would bebtooblazy for doing it + checking post HP.

Wow, it is not ded. Congrats!

What does that mean? Never seen that reference before

I meant be too lazy. They are not thinking about next updates what are giving new features. They are always scared because of abusers and even they can’t trust CPs which is first rank what you can’t but through gamepasses.

agreed sv does seem scared of abusers.

Yh, there’s been no updates since I joined

I have a better idea, give CP their admin back

■■■■, I just realized I revived a dead post

You can still buy cp… It’s a 100 if not an SI or 50 if you are a SI.

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