Bring back using admin cmds on others

In my opinion, admin cmds should be allowed to use on others if someone gets admin cmds now they think they can at least use the view cmd on others or pm but you can’t the only thing you can do really is reset yourself jump and sit yourself its a waste of $14 and people that buy it wont know bc In the description it reads "
By buying this pass, you will receive VIP commands. This means that you can only use commands on yourself, and not other people.

You are not to admin abuse to harm anyone in any way, shape, or form. Doing so will result in a ban." Making people think they can use them on others but is reminding them to not use them on others people thinking mainly the reset cmds jump and sit but the view is still free to use. Its not right that I just spent $14 to get to do nothing with you can at least change the description to say you can not use them at all bc this is just a donation pack now but you get to say jump and it jumps you and sit and it sits you it would be nice for DW+ to at least get the viewing out of it to see if a person should be vote kicked or not. If your a person possibly buying this I would recommend not buying this due to all the stuff above.

I had the same problem, cause I use PM to warm and View to gather proof of a vote-kick. So taking this away makes the Gamepass a complete scam.

It is not a scam it already says that the admin gamepass can only be used on yourself not other people.

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Hi Liqyudmediz!
I agree with your opinion, but since I disagree with DWs being able to votekick, I think we can give the PM and View Admin Commands to Ws that got it through leveling or training. Those who bought the gamepass should not be given these commands, since they might troll or spam because probably a high percentage of them are ill-equipped for it.

coolgaming_617, Warden

As stated when you buy commands, it is VIP commands meaning you can only use it on yourself. You used to be able to use on others (but you should not of).

Signed, helloo20l - Warden

i enjoyed that i agree they should bring it back to the game. For gamepasses