Bringing Back The Old HR's

There’s hiding the fact that Stateview HR’s right now are clueless and inactive. If you hire back the old HR’s then a new wave of activity would be on Stateview. (This is coming from an old HR by the way. I know what I am talking about.)

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It’s not possible to bring back all the old HRs, most of the old HRs resigned, won’t come back. But I have seen 2 old HRs that are trying to get the spot again, it could be cool to get them back.

“Clueless and inactive” this sounds more like rank buyers, most FD+ definitely know what they’re doing

To be honest, I don’t really trust CPs under level 150 anymore, I am paranoid that they are an abuser with 8.5K robux.

Well, I made this a while ago, and I probably be won’t responding to anymore comments, but I get you man. As a former HR myself, I had the same issue.