Bruh I got banned for 30 days by using a simple glitch

It’s really funny that a CAC+ banned me for using the dance glitch

Yes it’s an unfair advantage but you can learn how to do it in less than a day so it’s not that big of an advantage.

Also how do you appeal your ban when you cannot talk in the discord server

Maybe instead of exploiting the glitch (I do not even know what is), you could have reported it.

You can do the /e dance2 glitch when you go up to a wall and face your camera to the side, jump, do /e dance2 and when the arm is closest to the camera you press the shift key

This only works on walls that are less than 1 stud

There were announcements being made about glitching and its obviosly not allowed, this is your fault :confused:

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Glitching is a ToS violation therefore unappealable
Almost no one glitches in sv

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Lmao this is entirely your fault. Glitching isnt allowed. Period.

You deserved it. You glitched.

Literally nobody cares how long it would take to learn a glitch, its a glitch.

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you werent supposed to /e glitch in the first place and you we’re exploiting it ofc you’re getting banned

Yes it is if you can learn it and use it for bad no matter how long or easy it is. its def vulnerable for banning