Buff the damn MP5 or bring back AKM to criminals

I think that anyone who has played as criminal after the AKM was replaced with the MP5 knows that even if you magdump a dude he still is alive… So either buff the MP5 or bring back the AKM.

Thanks for listening/reading, xGx_merr

Well I mean that’s the whole point, AKM is similar the M4A1 (Most commonly used weapon if you’re ERT+) So I wouldn’t suggest switching it . Here’s why

MP5- Need to shoot about 10 times on a person to kill them but it moves really fast

M4A1- Double the damage but bullets move quite slowly.

So that it is equal and different in a way.

Strongly disagree, the MP5 is GREAT and I personally think WAY better than AKM as AKM wasnt good for long range fights. MP5 is good flr long rafe but also shirt range fights so I think its great.

At mid to long range it feels like you are cheating.
At close range however… the weapon is really bad. Last time I checked it took so many bullets to kill a player. Seriously, I’d rather use the Glock at close range and pray that I get headshots. But you can’t get a Glock.

Well just grab the M4A1.

Well, MP5 is already Overpower to criminal. AKM is used to kill anyone with one shot if they shoot at head so that would be too op and yeah obv recoil nerfed AKM so much.