Bug report; getting stuck in ground and arms falling off

I apologize if this is posted in the wrong format or not posted correctly in general, i struggled to find the right place for it and was a bit confused

The two most irritating bugs i’ve noticed consistently within every server;

  1. getting stuck in the ground
  2. arms falling off of body
    details below.

For problem 1, i’ve found getting stuck in the ground happens as a result of a few different things. First reason is getting tazed. Getting tazed results in the players body falling half way into the floor, unable to jump out. only fix is to be cuffed or !rejoin if no one is around. Second cause of getting stuck is when you spawn in on top of a line of other players and your character falls to the floor. You become stuck laying on the ground. (not to mention sometimes the spawn line of players starts like 100 feet above the prison in the sky for some reason; players fall to the ground and become stuck in a laying position)

Problem number two seemed random in nature at first, but i found it may be a result of zooming into first person view, then zooming back out into third person. The players arms detach from body and remain in the last place you were zoomed into first person mode. This is especially frustrating because if you’re using a boombox, it sticks to your detached arms and plays music in this location so if you want to listen to music with no arms, you must be in first person mode to do so.

a miscellaneous bug i’ve found; if a cop kills you when you have gamepass items, then are completely gone after respawn, including boombox which should never leave inventory regardless of situation. also, what is with cops taking health damage when “arresting innocent players” ?? there’s many scenarios where an arrest is warranted even if the player is “innocent” wtf?

I’ve played this new update quite a bit since its release, jumping from servers to test out different bugs and get an overall feel for the gameplay. it’s very apparent that this update has everyone pretty confused and feeling like there’s no hope for normal gameplay, i have yet to join a sever that is being run in an organized fashion and feels like what Stateview once was. the doors are always left open, it’s a constant free for all shoot out, no one know what the current status is because it’s no longer visible except for the few seconds its being announced at status change, the police radio/transmit doesn’t function, there’s a power outage in every server that no one knows how to turn back on, there is zero incentive to play as a cop or attempt to run an organized shift. I really enjoyed the feel of the organized way of moving from status to status, lock down drills, having the cops present, but it seems that aspect of gameplay is completely gone and it’s like this game has turned into a weird hang out server free for all where no one knows what’s going on.

As i am a new user, i can only share one photo with this post, i apologize.
Windows 10 PC.

This is me getting stuck the ground after respawn due to being arrested. Notice i have zero items in my inventory including boombox gamepass which should never disappear. As soon as this happened and there were no cops around to help me, i did !rejoin and literally spawned in and fell over on to the ground, and am stuck again.

Ummmm nice you wrote a essay ( I didn’t read all of it)
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