Bug when to zoom out to a solitary location

  • -in short, when you are put in this place, you see a towel or something similar to it. You can zoom out and see other players behind the glass. And you can also catch another criminal with handcuffs through this glass.
  • Every time’s.
  • Solitary location.
  • I can’t show the video or photo proof, as I can’t log in to the game because of another bug in this forum, you can check it out

This isnt a bug. It was supposed to be there. What happens is the inmate is put in solitary adn you are able to watch them. They can look out the glass behind the item and see you. Its not a bug or glitch.

This bug is robloxs fault. Not stateviews.

It isn’t even a bug roblox ment to make it that you can move your camera trough glass, only in SV it didn’t work out that well

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