Bulletproof shield Because what is riot shield for if its not bulletproof

Bulletproof shield Because what is riot shield for if its not bulletproof…______________________________________________________

Yes i agree to make the riot sheild bulletproof because it is useless.

It already is, but you can still shoot from the back/legs/head

It already is bulletproof, as blub said you can still shoot at the legs.

Hello @Crowzed,
The shield doesn’t help much, but it help for a small amount of time. To shoot a person with a shield, you must shoot their legs or behind them. I’m sure it’s bulletproof, but most of the time, criminals & inmates shoot behind you or your legs. I don’t think the shield is worth it, to play with in my opinion. You can use your taser, to get the criminal or inmate on the ground. It would maybe take a small amount of time, but totally worth it instead of shooting it. If it’s a inmate, you can frisk it & if it’s a criminal, you can arrest it. It’s not a good idea to use lethal force, as the inmate just will respawn with their items most of the time & the criminal will spawn back to the criminal base. I know this might got off topic, but… whatever.

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The riot shield in real life are made to protect you from knifes, hammers well that things, when the ballistic is more heavy and that can protect you from shots, but well you learn this thing if you like the military, police and guns theme.
But yes I’m agree with a shield bulletproof.
Right now that shield don’t have any use.

Ye uh, did you read the above? Blub already said that the shield is bullet proof and that you can shoot at the legs, also have you read the date before posting? Like man, a 1 year revive

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