Button to teleport you to SR

Have you ever been walking to the SR to attend a training or shift, and then you get killed and by the time you get back to the SR it is locked and no fall ins? Well if a button popped up on your screen that says a training is being hosted would you like to teleport to the session? There would be two buttons, yes or no. If you clicked Yes it would transport you to the SR. The button goes away right when the session gets locked.


Please leave comments, opinions, and sugggestion.


warp sr Shift

  • Signed, SchoneBiene, SI, Game Administration
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He is meaning a general idea for all ranks I believe, not many SIs or CPs have warp and virtually nobody below SI does.

Hm, makes sense, and it could possibly be really good if implemented correctly.

Also it would be better for people that don’t know where the SR is.

Well, it seems like a good idea but this may let people sneak into sessions, Abusers to get into it, and more ways to abuse it.

A random SI

There can be added something like that it would just disappear after being locked