Cadet access to game after a real training / Less tools for cadet

It is recently come to me that a lot of cadets are spam accounts or they just won’t care about stuff, therefore i suggest to make cadets complete a set of training before accessing the main game. And since a lot of cadets have being going in to the Control Room, why not add a permission door where only commander+ can access it.
If the above is not Achievable
At least not give cadets Handcuffs and a Glock 17 leaving them with only a baton.
jack682456 SI

Cadets Officers/Medicial Officers does not have a way to be gotten anymore you must now become a Corrections Officer and Cadet Officer rank is basically disabled. And the medical team doesn’t exist anymore either.

When did i talk abt the medical team?

I meant cadet by cadet officer

Why do you even call them MO still… It got renamed and medical team got removed.

How can you still get cadet the quiz game is just gone from the page so.

it got removed and replaced with the in-game quiz, but thats not the point…

Shouldn’t they be forced onto a private rank in the game with just a taser and handcuffs, because they may use the gun against everyone else in the game?