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All Calasays announcements UP TO DATE!

# Bloxcord Editing

We have recently been suggested to add a new feature to bloxcord if elected! If we are elected we will add that CAC+ or PC+ can Modify the session sections before they start to make the discord embed more accurate towards the session.

# Intel Permissions

Recently it has come to our attention that Superintendents are a pain when it comes to asking to check their stats. So if elected we will give Superintendents permission to view the shift-log channel (Not talk though) so they can check their own HW/Co-host

# Gun Variety

There are not many guns that can be accessed for free within the game. Due to this, we will want to add new guns to the game that can be gotten for levels . If a user has reached a certain level as an inmate they will be able to find a dealer somewhere in the yard (NPC) who can sell them weapons.

# Level update

With the levels we only really have a bar showing progress, so I suppose we add a fraction under it to say Current Minutes/Needed Minutes to show the progress of the user within the game. Also adding level rewards, such as weapons, tag colours and more!

Response to Joshy's Accusations
The accusations: Ctild/Calasay's Administration is FRAUD!

I have never been rude or hateful towards Joshy, I actually have a lot of respect for him and have been friends with him for a while. I have never encouraged my supporters to insult him. I ask some of my supporters to refrain from being rude to him in the future.

#2: He accused me of me calling 4D_X a liar. Which clearly is not true as Joshy’s own evidence shows. It was over a misunderstanding as the blacklist has now been reversed.

#3: I never accused Joshy of having Jimmy send an AI generated picture. I simply asked a question

#4: I apologize to any candidate who feels he was being disrespected, but I will ask tough questions because we need a tough candidate.

#5: I stand by my comments for the fact check. I called him out on a lie, simple as that. I don’t believe it was immature, swear words are common among all three candidates.

#6: Yes, I did break that election bylaw and I apologize for my mistake. We were on the topic of the election, I will add.

#7: I’m not sure why you would bring up a blacklist from a known pedophile and rapist, but everything in that statement is UNTRUE. The blacklist was reversed a day or two later, and he was known for having a vendetta against me. As for the second blacklist, I explained that for the reasons above.

# Why Joshy Doesn't Need To Be Governor - To Implement His "Vision"

Why Joshy may not be the ideal candidate for governor stems from his and Noah’s extensive presence in Stateview over the past 2-4 years. While they’ve jointly overseen almost every department, many promised changes could have been implemented earlier without the need for a Governor. The timing of their pledges raises concerns about whether their focus is on effective action or the pursuit of the position itself.

Therefore, If they are elected, the crucial question arises: will they genuinely address their promises, or is there a risk of delaying action until political necessity dictates?

# Governance of Stateview: Calasay v. Joshy

The power of the Governor is intentionally limited by the rules of this election & Stateview. The governor cannot do much without support of Stateview leadership, the judicial branch and developers. Joshy has promised many things involving the game, discord and departments. Some of these promises are outright impossible to implement while others cannot be done without support of Stateview Leadership. Here, I will give some examples: FNTJoshyy promised a community basement and staff toilets. However, none of these can be accomplished without the permission of the game developers and staff toilets are likely impossible as it increases the risk of harassment in this game. Here, I provide another example: He promised to reduce quotas for Chairpersons and above that are in multiple departments. Although I agree with Joshy here he is less likely to be able to accomplish this as this requires the approval of Stateview Leadership.

The difference between me and Joshy is I have a close and working relationship with almost every member of Stateview Leadership (a majority) and developers. I will be a more effective governor than Joshy as I can accomplish what he cannot. You may like the promises of Joshy but I can act on my promises, and I am bound to add more promises as I make a point of attempting to reply to every DM I get.

`# Joint Investigative Team’

We were thinking about having a joint team between CM and IA to assist in session related reports and appeals. This would maximize the efficiency and also the speed it takes for these to be handled. This administration would make improving CM a priority which we have not seen in Joshy.

#Game Graphics

Recently we have noticed that the game is mostly low poly and plastic! This is not very good for when it comes to roleplay ! So we decided if elected we will add an option in the settings menu to choose Low Poly (Lower end devices) or High Poly (High End Devices)

# Team Limits

In recent announcements we said we would remove team limits but instead maybe we only increase them from 12 → 20 and such. This will help roleplay and also make sure there is a good amount of inmates and guards. This would also make sure that sessions have enough attendees for an successful session

# Session Guides

As governor, I will redo nearly all session guides. Trey makes all of the guides too complicated for a roleplay game! Some people find it hard to read and it will not be helpful if someone is talking like a robot. Due to this my Administration Cabinet and I will redo the guides to make them easier to read and way more simple for the eye and just in general.

# Bloxcord Sessions

Bloxcord is in need of some upgrades and I will put that as one of my priorities. I have a close working relationship with SirYeet and I am willing to work alongside the company of Bloxcord to fix its problems. I will get a team to work on Bloxcord and make sure everything is up to date. Me & SirYeet and his developers will ensure sessions work anytime of day, and will attempt to make sessions easier to host.

# Monthly Meetings

If hired, I will host monthly VC meetings to see what needs improving. I will take notes so will my cabinet team and we will work on changing things. More points soon!

# GA Departments (Modcalls)

With the GA department, they are kept quite busy with all their modcalls! But the problem is that people can spam them. Due to this we will add a cooldown on the !Modcall command raging from 5-15minutes.

# Stateview Bot

It has recently come to our attention that the stateview discord bot is useless . This bot is always offline and just never works. If you vote for Calasay we can fix this by purchasing a new hosting service with the monthly governor payout , and also add commands. This will make people who can not log onto Bloxcord but need to punish someone who is able to.

# New Sessions

Recently we have not had many session types so here is what we plan to do!

  1. Redo the advanced training guide to make it more popular
  2. Add back Promotional Shifts for CaO-SI to be promoted (Only BoG or PC would be able to host)
  3. Add sections in the inspection guide to make it more fun.

# Department Ideas

A few departments like OC are very limited in what they can do. With OC we will add new drills for them to supervise like - Cellblock search, etc.

# Department Structure

Some departments are already well-fit thanks to the high command in them, but we plan to add more intense training for the members to make sure we limit the mistakes made.

# Applications

I will try my best to make sure to add new applications with stateview work. This is not “Iwantbdt” but will be a Google form for Departments and/or ranks we will always have at least one application open and they will close every 2 weeks and change applications. Sometimes it will be an OC application the next week maybe Chairperson. It will always be changing to fit your best interest!

# Budget Plan

75k :: - Miscellaneous Community Expenses
For community giveaways, events, competitions, etc.

100k :: - Development
This will go into improve the game and adding new features that the community wants.

75k :: - Departmental Support
Departments help run stateview and we wish to support them with whatever ways they want in giving back to their members.

30k :: - Extra
Can be used for any uses that are deemed applicable that is to improve anything for everyone.

10k :: - Bug Incentives
Depending on the severity of the bug, we want to reward those who bring urgent bugs to our attention to improve everyone’s experience.

# ❗ [Ideas]❗

Are you ready for new ideas?

  • More things for OC to do.
  • Open basement
  • Add areas to the Session Room for trainings
  • Create an in-game hosting panel
  • Give CP gamepass admin
  • Add more regulations for hinting, etc.
  • Add a guide in the main server on how to find all the needed posts and what they contain.
  • Edit the advanced training guide
  • Add back punishments for if someone resets in cuffs
  • Add that if you reset in max you will not get tools
  • A project called stateview works (More details to come)


Alright, Let’s get this straight. Nobody has liked the recent updates first the team limit and well stateview is just getting boring. So why not remove the team limits? Yes, you heard that! REMOVE THEM ALL!

Also, add NEW DRILLS!

Add a team named Being Processed Where correctional guards can intake you.
Note: You may be asking how the hell is this a dev update. Well we will add a button (Only PC+ Can Press) where you all will get locked down and moved to the yard, during this time ERT will go look for loot (When the button is pressed loot will spawn in cells)

Pepper Ball guns
These will be non-lethals and act like tasers, they are like shotguns and have around 8 rounds before loadout.

Add armour
Add armour you can buy for robux to increase health (Armour increase = More shots it takes to make you drop down to the ground with a tazer and pepper ball guns)

# [My Speech]

[Opening Statement]

I will FIX Stateview. I will make Stateview great again. And I will not stop until I have accomplished everything I have set out to do. And unlike these other candidates, I bring more to the table than the promise of funding departments and more sessions. I have a close working relationship with those on the Stateview Legislature. I will ALWAYS be in reach with anyone who wishes to contact me rather directly or indirectly. Any complaints or suggestions WILL be heard by me and complaints or suggestions deemed sound enough WILL be heard by the Stateview Legislature.

[2nd Statement]

Already, I have been trusted by the leadership of Stateview and they are the reason I am running. They have trusted me to be the Director of the Moderation Department, to be an Administration Cabinet and to manage other tasks/posts. Unlike some other candidates, I will dedicate a portion of my time to Stateview. I will not just take the money and go inactive after this campaign. I will ensure any popular suggestions will be considered by the developers of the game. For those who are in doubt of my abilities, I will be running with and working very closely with Frankie who has lots of experience as governor and will ensure I take all necessary precautions that this office deserves. As well, I will be working very closely with SirYeet and other Stateview Leadership if elected to ensure a smooth working relationship with Leadership and the Governor’s office.


I will work on departments and the game, and I will listen and assist you when needed. I will be active and I will respect you. I will talk in chat and I will help stop the corruption and abuse currently going on in Stateview.


It seems you’ve posted some sort of training or shift guide. This is a reminder that this thread is unofficial and no staff should be following this sort of guide. All official guides are located in Staff Information.