Camera angles and viewing points

Make the security cameras more complex but also simpler, make it so that you have a screen selection such as
Cells - When you select the cells area, it gives about 5 different angles of the cell area, that way there is more coverage.
Cafe - When cafe is selected you can monitor the Cafe seats, the kitchen, and solitary lunch room.
Yard - When yard is selected you will have a view of 4 angles, such as a camera in each corner of the yard.
Max Yard - Same as normal Yard
Max Cells - When someone selects MAX cells, they have a view of the inside of every cell in front of them, yes it may be small but it will increase survilence
Solitary Cells - Same as MAX cells
Showers - Keep it how it currently is but have a camera on the outside of the gate too watching the hall.
Hallways - Increase camera quantity inside the prison halls.
Front Gate - Add a second camera to the front gate and also add a camera to the front doors of the prison looking towards the gate
Security Checkpoint - Add a camera overviewing the security point so that we can monitor those entering.
Control Room/Session Room - Keep is how it currently is so you can monitor those rooms.

Sorry this was long, hope that this is understandable?

Mitpat - Warden


It may not be “fair” but overall cameras operate like that in a real prison and so if this is meant to be a “realistic” version of prison, then we should have more camera points.

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