Camera Movement

I think they should have the ability to move the cameras so we can see at different angles of that specific area rather than just the camera unmovable and just not being able to see very well in shifts and especially showers.


Great idea it would be so useful

Yes. The cameras are good, but very limited. That would be nice, as well as a reordering of the cameras so that they are from 1-20 (I believe it is 20? not sure) it would go from front of prison to back of prison for simplicity. Possibly an option to view all of them at once in smaller boxes, for better efficiency?

There’s 13 cameras but I think the only negative for my update would be it could be abused a lot.

This is a good idea because the cameras are restricted to view only in front of them, and maybe add a feature to zoom in with the cameras as well.

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Oh yeah zooming, great idea.