Campus Ideas for SVP

Ok so first I think a staff room would be great for all ranks to make it more realistic. When I am playing I see lots of new players with the rank you get with the quiz and group so I think a new training area with a classroom (so they can learn about the game and the rules), shooting range. This will make the game more enjoyable for everyone.

We already have the session room?

I know? I mean a area to train new players more the rules and stuff to help them not training

Well still, the session room is for new guards, IT’S THERE FOR A REASON

No its not rlly for new players it doesn’t teach them about the game or anything

It does, thats what trainings are for

Are you referring to a sort of break room? I can see the holding cell being changed into this. The SR isn’t great for that as you can only be in there with BOG+ Perms or if there is an active session.

A break room would be a nice addition.

It’s a good idea but for BOG+ Perms if there is no CP+ at least in the server then people can just go into SR and then just stay here and even if warden comes, there’s not much they can do apart from VK (Vote KicK)