Can someone tell me the new updates

Can someone tell me the new updates since the flying shields were removed because i found the game alittle boring since i cannot become CP in the game. If anything is good i may start continuing playing.

Everything is good except that all MR+ are leaving us

WDYM all MR+ is leaving? Do you mean people resigning?

Wdym by “cannot become a CP in the game”?

Yes, all FD+ are resigning currently, even timmy and sila resigned.

Cannot become CP is wrong, some may take a while to get it but if you know how you’re gonna get it if youre dedicated enough.

Requirements to get the rank Chairperson (CP)!
-Using grammar and being respectful to others

-Being active, joining Shifts, helping out in Trainings and joining inspections.

-Doing Patrol Logs, click here → Discord ← to submit your patrol logs.

-Be in both of the Discord servers:


Join the Stateview Communications Discord Server!

Communicate and make friends that play Stateview! | 18,412 members


Join the Stateview Administration Discord Server!

Check out the Stateview Administration community on Discord - hang out with 3,895 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.

I hope this helps.

Thats the prob i cannot find inspections and patrol logs it takes a while when u finish the patrol and most time i disconnected or could not play so i gave up

Btw thanks.

It needs to take time in order for you to be considered ready. The diconnect thung would be kinda hard especially when you host shifts so its good you didnt get the rank. My Wifi isnt good but also not the worst and I can play with it.