Can’t get into the Game all the way on Xbox 1

  • description, It won’t let me all the way into the game on Xbox one.
  • How often does it occur, All the time.
  • Where does it occur, When I go into it and I have to select a team.
  • How to reproduce, I don’t know.
  • Video showing the bug,

Yea, I have an oculus quest 2 which roblox recognizes as an xbox, its impossible to get past the team selection

Cant you use emulators or connect a mouse to your headset. You can unplug it after that too

What r emulators???

Well basically they tell the game or headset ig that you are a pc and not a xbox. idk if that works im no expert but uhh ig try it. idk if it will work at all tho but ig it wont. still worth a shot