Can’t shoot through open doors

In criminal raids, when I try to shoot criminals from distance and the doors are open, I fire and the bullets doesn’t pass through instead it shots on side walls, I don’t know is it on purpose or it is a bug but it’s really annoying and it occurs every time.
Here is a image in which I’m in combat with criminals in prison-

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Yeah, its annoying at times I try to shoot people through doors and they don’t work.

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I never had this bug, is it only for mobile maybe? That wouldnt make sense as it is still the same door but I never had this problem.

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It’s not really a bug. It’s because of the invisible wall blocking the way. It makes the shooting angle go incorrectly because… this is hard to explain actually.
When the aiming center is aimed towards a wall, it goes directly to it. BUT, because there is an invisible wall in the way, the aiming will hit directly to the invisible wall but is confused or inaccurate where to hit next because the invisible wall did not stop the bullet. (The aiming doesn’t always go straight due to some kind of aiming problems in the way)

It’s slightly similar to a reflection in your view.

I know it’s confusing like maths with angles, but it’s just because there are aiming difficulties for the system to aim the bullet correctly through walls. Whichever wall is in front, it goes for it. It never aims accurately for the wall behind it.

I do not know why the invisible walls are added. Maybe for glitching detection? It could be anything that the developers wanted to add.

By the way, when you aim your gun using AKM or M4A1, it shoots more to the left when you’re aiming. It’s because your gun is at the right, and the gun aims for the center of the aiming point.
IF THE GUN IS RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE, then you would be aiming directly to the center at a 90 degrees angle.

And about your image there, that’s because the muzzle of your gun is right at the point where the invisible wall is. The main issue is that your gun is at the right side of your arm which shoots towards the wall.

Here’s what it will shoot like and what it looks like when you’re using a AKM or a M4A1.

Shoot Straight

Shoot Through Wall

Shoot Rotate/Turn Through Wall

Shoot Close Rotate/Turn Through Wall

The closer you are to the invisible wall, the more harder it is to shoot onto your enemy.
The further you are from the invisible wall, the more accurate and easier it is to shoot your enemy.

BEST TIP: The Glock 17 is the best gun to use when you shoot at a curve because it shoots very accurately even if you are close to the invisible wall! It shoots very close to your aiming point when you’re shooting past the invisible wall.

Glock 17 Shoot Through Wall


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It was bacause I always play with the glock btw. Makes sense, i never use M4A1 as I use weapons onl rarely.

Oh, and by the way, here’s how I usually shoot like when I am at an open door killing a gang of criminals.

Im sometimes able to shoot through open doors
Im always able to shoot through closed doors tho-

i am pretty sure it is for mobile only because back when i used to play on mobile i did this to me


Sometimes if someone you can dmg body hitboxes is phasing through the door you can deal dmg because their hitboxes are there even if the door is shut as well!