Can you do something about the new punching mechanic and fix the buttons on mobile

Ok so the new punching mechanic makes the game way to chaotic. It’s impossible to find a sever that you can Actually rp in without getting punched to death and take out the kill kick it would be way more realistic if someone has to revive you before you can play again maby make some restrictions for the punching maby like you cant punch people on your same team because I cant play with this new update. And also why did you take away the new medic team? The cpr thing in this update would be perfect for that team. sincerely business bacon.

I’m glad you brought this up. I personally believe that punching is a little too overpowered… all it takes is probably around 5 hits and someone is dead. Imagine a hoard of inmates chasing you, swinging in the air trying to punch you. That’d be hard to get out of.

Yeah. Sometimes i’m just raiding the prison and then some inmate comes and tries to punch me to death. When I try to fight back I get killed because of the team kill thingy, but it’s really annoying. Maybe at least remove team kill.

Personally, I never even realized this was a thing. Now that I see it, I agree that it is a really annoying feature. Definitely needs some work, but at the end of the day they’re just trying out a system to see what we like and don’t like.

So you are telling us that you will not get severely injured if a swarm of inmates were trying to hit you in real life?


If it was a swarm of inmates it would be understandable, but one inmate is enough to punch you to death while your trying to raid. Maybe try to reduce the amount of damage per punch and make it so that punching a teammate damages you.

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im saying can you make like restrictions to the punching mechanic because in irl if a normal person punched like 200 times you could not move your arms.

No, you would. Endo explains my point pretty well. One inmate alone shouldn’t be able to kill you from 3 punches. (Or however much it is.)

Make it do less hit power as the feature is making it more abusive than gun equipped cadets, by making it take a whopping 10 hits to get knocked you would make it realistic as I know I would not “die” from 5 hits and joining the game dead because you were punched before you loaded in is just insane, and I know that this is a feature that you spent weeks-months on and I love it just nerf it if that’s possible.

-sincerely, Renolon1/GaminRI_YT/former Community Advisory Council