Can you get votekicked for Spamming M4A1

I was just vote-kicked for ‘’ Gun Abuse" when Playing the role of “Inmate” I Wondering If this is a legit vote kick??? And If you are allowed To Vote-Kick For this???

warden at Stateveiw.
In discord server.

That is 100% VKA. An inmate cannot “gun abuse” by using the weapon they paid for. Only a staff member can gun abuse. The only tool an inmate can abuse is the boom box.

If you have proof of this act report it in the administration server.

That is VKA, report in intel #game-reports.

I am Banned From Intel, Thanks For Trying

stateveiw Correctional Facility
In Stateveiw Admin Server
Banned From Stateveiw Intel Server
Level 78.