CAO and Correction officer abuse and how to fix it

So, in recent weeks and days, I have seen a lot of CAO and correction officers abuse multiple things. For one thing they also are doing cuff abuse, and another thing is that they almost always random kill you when you spawn. I think that CAO and correction officers should have a warning system. What I mean by this is if a Warden+ sees a CAO or correction officer abuse they may say "warning 1-username- cuff abusing. If it is a valid reason a warning will pop up beside the abuser’s name. When a CAO or correction officer gets 3 warnings a mod will be pinged immediately. If someone abuses the warning giving system they would get a punishment.

This could maybe get CAO’s and correction officer abuse down a little bit. But I also have another idea to get CAO’s and correction officer abuse down.

So if you are a SI+ and you see a CAO or correction officer abuse you could have cuff perms just to cuff CAO and correction and ONLY if they are abusing. Once the SI+ cuffs the CAO or correction officer they could give the CAO or correction officer a warning, that only SI+ can see, or a Verbal warning, which SI+ could see. If the SI+ abuses the cuffing then they would get a VW, and not be able to do cuffs on CAO and correction officers, for 2 days. After that if they keep abusing it it is up to a FD+ or mod for their punishment.


Please leave your suggestions, opinions and comments.

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i mean yea you could but it could be abused the warnings system by wardens

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it should be CP+, wardens also abuse

I think it should be SI+ because only a couple SI’s abuse and SI+ know all the rules, but it could be CP+.

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