Cape/Cape Command Issue

I have bought the admin gamepass and I have successfully got the Gamepass Admin in-game but when I use the !cape command nothing happens! I want to get the cape badly!!!

So ummm did you buy the 1250 bobux gamepass? I think you did but if you bought that it doesn’t give you Donator perks. The cape is 400 robux and is a completely different thing.
jerryomgxu - FD

Also here buy that for donor perks (buy for the cape)

I have bought that gamepass for admin but how do I get the donor perks?

You got it now?
jerryomgxu- FD

Yes I got it! Thanks for the help! I was looking for that from soooo much time! Have a great day!

You need to buy donor perks (400 robux) to get it.

I already did that, can you not revive dead posts? Also check that I already helped the person out here and they’ve been having a good time

Oh my god jeez calm, i just responded…

You also revived a dead post that no one else really cared about yet

Oh my god, calma calma…


Did you check dizzy yet? I told you why you shouldn’t do it (unless you have a actual good reason, like the solution doesn’t work for you, or you need help on the same topic)