Cape Gamepass Change

Can we please bring back the old cape game pass? It looks so stupid that I have my old ‘Warden’ cape on when I am an SI, and I can’t unequip it. I’ve tried contacting many people, but this is my prayer to the leadership: please bring back the old game pass!

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Do you actually know how to change it?
Because with the BasicAdmin2 that I have I can actually change and it I know how to

Same. I want it not to abuse h command. WHen even not, bring back cuffing staff under your rank for W+, because sometimes when ERT- is comming to CR and it is a kid it is almost impossible to make him get out from that room!

And fix that grammar issue in the title.

We are talking about the cape not the Gamepass admin but ok. I agree they should at least bring back cuffing staff

When even not Gamepass admin or cuffing Staff then I think putting on max loggers leavers.

No, dont bring back cuffing staff. Even SI and CP abused it. It was a great feature, but abusers made it suck.

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I think agree with that. That was not a nad idea + I accodently frisked an officer when I was trying to get any inmate, but turning back feature what was putting in max loggers/leavers while on cuffs/in max or solitary cell on max/solitary.

Maybe a different cape, a different rank