Car bugging / cant move it at all

The car does not move at all while im inside, always on neutral, arrows up or down are not working at all (im clicking them) pressing w,a,s,d or n does not work as well, I have never moved a car in this game since i started playing it, which is like a year ago (idk why im doing this now). Nor the police car or the cars for criminals.

heres the link to video: Roblox Trimmed Clip 1 - Clipped with

The car system in SV works with manual transmission. You must press the up arrow to start the 1st speed or the down arrow to reverse. Then you can move with WASD.

I hope that this helps.
Timone06, Superintendent.

Thats exactly what I have said… I pressed the arrow up in the video. Nothing happened, and I was holding the “w” key after I pressed the arrow up…

Did you pressed the ScreenGUI icons on the top of your screen or did you pressed the keyboard keys?

He said that the arrow keys aren’t working,

Yes, I did. Didnt work, like I show you on the video.

like Esb678 said, exactly, the GUI menu is not working for me at all (arrows)