Car Rules For Svp

I like the cars but people love to hold the horn down for minutes. I think there should be a rule where you can’t hold the horn down for 10 seconds. I get tired of having to mute the game and not being able to hear if their are any gunshots when I’m on duty.


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thats the most terrible idea ive ever heard in my entire life, congratulations

no, this is [DESC] Admin Commands game pass owners should be able to change there characters speed and jump

With all due respect you seem like the person who holds down the cat horn for 3 minutes. I don’t see how this is bad. I can’t be the only one who gets annoyed with the car horns and people holding them forever

yk lowering volume exists

[spoiler]why should there be 30 characters[/spoiler]

Let me ask you something. Why would someone sit and hold the horn down for a long period. Whats the point of it?

We do a lil trolling. Maybe their smasung galaxy S3 LTE is glitching.