Cars update And more

Make it where mobile can drive it because I’m on pc and my friend wants to be a criminal and I told him get a car when you find a way to get out and he hopped in a car and could not drive

That’s more of a technical issue and it’d take so long to actually get it on mobile so it will be a long time if not never for the update to come out.

Its being added at the moment and no, that dhouldnt take long.

Yeah, but just like the ER:LC it took them long time.

Okay,Thanks btw the update looks sick though

If you press ‘T’ on the car, it does a siren, I don’t like it because of 2 things. 1. Is interferes with the radio and it’s just annoying. 2. You have to hold it, painfully hearing annoying noises and it just feels uncomfortable, they should change it to another keybind like J,K, or L, and make it so it’s 1 press. Meaning you just press it and it automatically goes off until you press the same button again.