CD checking should be available for all!

Hello! I am a SI,and i have an idea for a feature that can help everyone! There should be a way for everyone to check their rank CD instead of asking a FD+, as it will be easier!

I agree a lot especially since it’ll be much easier and flexible rather than going up to a FD+ and annoying them to just to see our CD, plus we could also be wasting their time along with ours instead of no ones time

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Yes. They should revert that change and make everyone able to check his cooldown! That gonna be good for everyone! I am signing under this request.

Here: kapi123xd123lol

Hello, CD checking is avaiable for everyone if you just search it up manually in the intel discord server.

You are telling that we have to like search out promotion log in promotion logs and you guys can check it by a command?

It’s way easier than checking cd by a command

You are telling that trying to find through 1000000 promotion logs you rporomotion is easier that typing in intel bot commands rg!cooldowns (username)?

Yes you can just search it bruh

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, right.

Yes, because the command is not working anymore.