Chains to put on maximum security inmate's feet

These chains will slow them down so they don’t jump around constantly. This will make them not get out of their cell and you can tell them to turn around so that you can put chains on their feet.

At first I literally said," Why though?". Then I look at the full post. This is actually a pretty good idea! Although it would likely get abused much.

I agree this would be useful to when the prisoners escape.

It is a good idea but don’t that seem like torture tbh.Although i know it’s not

Nah, i dont really think modern prisons use this

It’s like kinda a medieval prisoner stuff tho

yeah it most likely is unless they make like a suspension role or something.

I like the idea of making it kinda medieval, but it would probably get abused

maybe add an extra level of security and in that security level it can be used

Would still be abused. No, not needed at all

that can only be accessed by high ranks like cp+

Big abuse so no

I don’t really think chains are a good idea but they could add a feature to slow them down. Or maybe something like stamina but for max and sol only.

Why revive post that has been dead for 3 months?