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In my opinion, as a Chairperson at SVP. I think allowing CP’s to have more power with sessions and commands since a lot was taken away. I may be biased but I think it would benefit me and other CP’s who are trying to find Supervisors and more. I think a way to even everything out is to make the rules for CP+ more strict. Making the rules more enforced and strict would help decrease the amount of abusers and would also be useful to other CP’s. I wish you consider this but if not, I am glad to input my suggestion.

TheJerryVsco1 - Chairperson


I know what you are coming rom but the reason why admin was removed was because the cmds were abused.

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I disagree because rank buyers will get like HR admin with 0 lvl

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I believe a resolution to that would to stricten the rules for CP+ and if they get punished or warned that they get teached. You may not agree but I do think there will a common ground that we could all agree to.

Yea i think there should be no Admin Commands for CP as someone can just by the rank and they would abuse the session commands and then they would be banned for major AA and it could get more common and be an annoyance for HR/SHR’s to
ban them and the process would continue and would end up in CP’s losing their commands so it would be no point for them to bring it back just to get rid of it again.

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I understand your point. I just think that CP’s who earned there rank and a lot of them don’t get CP usually till they are 180+ or if they buy it. It would be nice if they got something more in return then just hosting (with a FD+). In my point of view, I think everyone who is FD+ is biased because they don’t have CP currently but we are truly all biased.

Rank buyers can get commands then…

The main reason admin got removed from CP was because of CP rank buyers abusing admin, I was lucky to live my CP time with HR admin and got FD before it got removed

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This issue can be solved with something like the old “CP expemtion hosting” or the new “Elevated HR permissions” but for CP. Both of these are some special permissions given only to trusted CP’s that meet some requirements, not to any CP. This way, CP’s are filtered and only the ones that deserves this perk get it, not any rank buyer. The permissions may include bypassing the supervision requirement and/or admin commands.

So basically a RI that’s given to retired FD+ because most people that are trusted as CPs just get promoted

I know what you are thinking of, but gamepass owners would buy it only for admin. If there was no gamepass for CP it would be a great idea.

Think of how much profit the CP gamepass makes, they’re not going to remove it, the exact reason they removed admin for CP is because of abusers like lvl 0 CP abusing admin kinda like that, but it makes a lot of profit

There was a reason why chairpersons lost alot of power. The main reason why CPs lost their power was because of the abusers. There were many abusers. If you want to have more power, you would have to get promoted. It isn’t very hard. Many CPs can’t be trusted. I have seen too many CPs abuse. I don’t think that it’s a good idea.

This would be a great idea if Chairperson’s had undergo some form Internship and training before reciving their full rank. This would help prevent abuse as well. These Interns as such however would never recive any adminstartive powers, and would only be able to host with a correct level of supervision.

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