Change how timer for max/sol acts when time up

This so not a request to change the time, instead, a idea for what should happen when the time runs out

When the Sol/Max timer is up, it takes you to the current status. For me, sometimes I am escaping, almost cross the gate, and then it takes me to the status. I think that instead of doing that, the timer turns into 2 boxes, and on top is “Do you want to be taken to the current status” with the options of yes/no. If you pick No, you should stay a max/sol prisoner. This would both enchnace role-play, and prevent what I described from happening.

Most people will say yes so what’s the point?

What do you mean… this sis a suggestion, I am getting the idea out there.

The point is RP, idk if you have ever heard of that but if people just wanna chill at max yard (I loved doing that) or wanna stay for RP purposes they can but if they wanna continue as normal inmate nobody is gonna stop them.

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