Change level rank rewards

It has come to my attention that level rewards is a good & bad thing on the same time. But mostly it isn’t a good things to have the rank levels rewards. I know really many LRs, MRs & few HRs want to add more ranks on the level rewards such is CP, FD & even CAC. Like adding CP, FD & CAC to the ranking rewards wouldn’t be a great Idea. Well I would like if the level reward system would be changed a bit.

Good things about the level reward system:

  • Giving players motivation to play the game
  • Helping the game to be more active

Bad things about the level reward system:

  • Players gaining ranks without knowing the rules, which will lead to much abuse.

  • Players is being demoted for AFK Farming & then terminated because of bypassing their punishment, because they don’t know it’s allowed. There isn’t really clear rules about it in-game.

  • Players disrespecting each other because of lower levels than themselves

  • Most players think they “control” Stateview, because of their high level

  • If you’re in the group & didn’t passed the application, you can basically just claim MO at level 2.

What I would I like to change:

Well, I would like if the level rank reward system got removed & there will come something new. It could be like adding in-game currency that you can buy by robux & get from activity. It could also be like higher you levels are, more tools you unlock.

Do you like the suggestion or not? Comment below why you like or why not. Also if you have any suggestion what could be changed at the system, feel free to comment below.

I personally think you should delete level rewards from COMM because commander is the rank you start holding authority
I love the idea of new currency but if your already say level 34 will you get the amount of currency X 34?
And I like the idea of more guns for your level… and maybe you could add knifes for your level as well?

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LMAO COMMANDERS HAVE AUTHORITY NOW? :laughing: dont let you being tricked by their name they dont, tbh the leveling system should be up untill PI, DW and W should be obtained from trainings. I think currency would be a good idea, it would require 100 to rank up to DW and 250 to rank up to W. FD+ can give 5 currency at a time (you can only give it once to a person, and not to your friends, and there’s a CD of 10 mins) also you could get up to 100 currency from a training, 25 for every part (this would have to be given by CAC+)

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Well they used to have a teeny bit.

I think you shouldn’t be able to rank up by the system after ERT

Many people would quit then and we only have 200 people playing at once

Its a good idea, but what tools can the devs add? there is only 3 tools you can unlock. The MA41, Riot Shield and the medi pack.

Agreed, also add CP+ for 1000 coins/currency for each session they host.

Also add some quests, that would be easier for everyone. Like arrest 4 crims, spot ten armed inmates.

Update:We Have 400 Ppl Playing Now

ignore:Pro,Sebee,Sebee Pro,Bacon,Blub da Pro

3 tools is fine I think & you’ll just start with the cuffs.