Change the admin provider

So I think that Our admin is good but we don’t have all of the commands that we need. So I decided to show the admin that I use for my games and it’s excellent. I use HD Admin it has title commands, ban panel and temp ban too. It has much more cool and helpful commands and I think it’s better for Starview Prison to manege the prison with HD admin.

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HD Admin is used to unprofessional use. It’s not built to big groups like Stateview, with many abusers. HD Admin will just do the whole admin abuse cases worse. BAE is the best admin system on the market for Stateview rn. They should keep it as they have.

valdemarcrafter - Appeal Staff & Facility Director

Yes, i agree with this.
While other admin systems like HD admin aren’t that configurable, and have a lot of bad commands like freeze and jail, BA is more used for more “professional” purposes with less abusive commands.

Also, what commands do you think we need more then? Except for an LDoff command for during shifts i cant really think of anything

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We also have temp ban and HD admin is used for fun.

Changing around the admin provider will lead to a major update within Stateview. I believe Basic Admin Essentials is the best Admin provider to use considering almost 2,000 people have admin commands within Stateview Correctional Facility.

Implementing a new admin provider will result in Stateview getting a lot of hate feedback on the “Admin Gamepass” as people will join the game and notice they don’t have admin commands anymore… That they paid for.

Overall the admin within Stateview has been extremely updated preventing abuse. The admin provider “HD Admin” hasn’t worked in 60% of groups on Roblox as lots of exploiters can bypass and create backdoors within the script.

Sincerely Trey,
Branch Divsersity Team