Change the Uniforms

Prison Inspectors should have a star on their uniforms instead of three lines, Commanders should only have three stars.

Remove the black lining for the short sleeved.

Add a uniform gui, so staff can select long or short sleeve based on rank.


I don’t think they can trust people with picking their own uniforms.

I think we should distinguish PI and DW uniforms better but as Pro said a GUI is not the best idea.

I love it I think it will be helpful if we want another type of shirt and etc…

Hell there,
I like your suggestion, but it should be changed a bit. It should be like every staff will spawn with a uniform depends on their rank. Then they would be a GUI, where they’ll be able to change their uniforms, with if plr:IsRankInGroup(ID) == (RANKID) then & you can choose a uniform by ranks. So example if you are warden, you can choose all uniforms.

valdemarcrafter - Appeal Staff & Facility Director