Change to the CP session privileges

So, as other CPs have noticed we have the session announcer role yet we can’t even host without a CAC+ which is stupid since 90% of them aren’t doing anything at all and the other 10% is busy. So I purpose that CP can host shifts on they’re own and maybe a training as they are HRs I rarely see FDs do trainings and there’s a lot of CPs and we have nothing to do but enforce rules which is the role of PI, DW and Warden primarily while CP+ monitor other staff mostly. If we can host stuff like trainings and shifts it’d really help and I know I am not alone in saying, requiring a CAC+ supervisor is very annoying especially since we get the seasions announcer role.

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You need an FD+ supervisor though.

Letting cp host without supervision?
Letting them host trainings?

Almost as bad as the give warden admin/let warden host

No. The supervisor issue was solved with 2 easy fixes. The request channel and the fact that FD may now supervise. And letting CP host trainings? That would just have rank buyers free rank friends with it.

Wha- I see FDs hosting trainings so often. I would say that if you open sessions there is an 80% chance that a training is being hosted by an FD.

No. A CP shouldn’t need to be asking a CAC anyway. Lots of FDs would be willing to supervise. And a lot of CACs are supervising trainings or hosting their own sessions, not doing nothing. Or they are playing other games.

So no. There is no need to change CPs sessions at this time.

Not nearly as bad (I am a warden btw.) But still bad.

Nice 10 months revive mate


And we have another 10 month revive by luckymcduckster! Also blub kinda quit forums so he won’t respond