Change your CP Rank gamepass low

So yea about your Chairperson rank gamepass why dont you make it for 5000 robux I mean 8000 is fine but not many people or parents are sometimes cheap and I feel like that rank should not be 8000 but yea it would be nice if it cost 5000 robux

NO, it would cause even more pressure on the CACs, more AAers, more work for appeals, just overall a really bad idea

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I don’t agree with even CP being on sale.

I have another point. If CP gamepass had a sale and it would be 5000 robux it would cost less than the warden gamepass which cost 5200 robux.

And i think you wanted it to be 5000 because you have 5000+ robux. Idk

I saw Alot Of CP’s Abusing The Gamepass Now Make it More Cheaper? ALOT More AA’s Will Come.

Signed, ikmsi_bukal-Warden.

Exactly, currently you can’t trust CPs because its a buyable rank

I fully disagree! It already about 300+ CP’s.
It really big pressure on CAC’s+
So much CP’s who bought rank is abusing!
This is very hard also, when CPs will get demoted appeal team will be so busy.
In reforms 50% of Cp’s are getting reformed!

No? Imagine how many abusers there would be?

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Hello @SusCity,
Sometimes bad suggestions like yours are posted on our forum, why do you even want the gamepass to be cheaper? I think I got the answer already, you want the gamepass, right?
Gamepasses isn’t a great way to get promoted. When people buy our gamepasses, they don’t really know the rules 100% & start inventing new rules, that don’t exist. Most of the gamepass buyers also AA, they don’t know many rules. They also often get reformed, because they aren’t active & they bypassing punishments.

The only question is Should Rank gamepasses even be sold?
If you ask me, NO!

No I dont I am just saying also I have 20,797 Robux

Yeah, high ranks should not be sold because anyone with more Robux can buy it even if they are level 0 and therefore have no experience in the game.

Jimmy just needs money so he shall not remove them.