Changes Made by Stateview Special Education

Since I have recently received trust level three, commonly known as “regular”, I have gained access to higher permissions. As a “regular” I will use my permissions to make the community even better for everyone, and new members as well.

Changes that you may experience with your topics:

1: Title change
- The title of your topic may be changed for the following reasons:
Your title is inappropriate.
Your title contains misinformation.
Your title is not clear to everyone.
Your title does not fit with the topic.

If your title has been changed, feel free to contact me or change it back

2: Category change
-The category your topic is in is not right and may be confusing to others.

If the category your topic is in has been changed, feel free to contact me or change it back

“Regular” member on the forums
Stateview Superintendent

Note: I am not trying to show off, but I am trying to help others and make this community better. It is best for everyone to know what changes I may do.

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@skyzzzz11 can you add for title change that it could be for a misspelling?

I will do it with the new post

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Or could you just make it a wiki?