Clearance Cards

Add clearance cards for staff members. Corrections Officer - Medical Officer would have Level 1 Clearance, Emergency Response Team would have Level 2 Clearance. Commander - Prison Inspector would have Level 3 Clearance. Deputy Warden - Warden would have Level 4 Clearance. All higher rank from Warden would have Level 5 or Omni Clearance. Level 1 Clearance could access all the basic areas like showers, cafeteria, etc. Level 2 Clearance could access Solitary Confinement and Maximum Security Cells, Maximum Security Yard, etc. Level 3 Clearance could have access to the Officer Cell Overview, etc. Level 4 Clearance could have access to High Command Offices, etc. And Level 5 Clearance could unlock the session room for trainings, etc. This would stop lower ranks such as Corrections Officer from getting into Officer Cell Overview and abusing the lockdown system, etc.


Not really needed and level 1 and 2 clearance need to have the cb overview thing to get into the room and if only CP+ had lvl 5 clearance no one could attend any sessions whatsoever and stateview is not a scp.