Close the group wall

Please close the group wall because so many people are advertising in there to go to their group and I don’t wanna keep having to delete them, it’s annoying

Also here’s another reason to close it because so many people keep thinking that they got blacklisted when they actually got TERMINATED

Signed, jerryomgxu - FD

I will definitely agree on closing the Group Wall cause It is very annoying with those people who are advertising them selves…

Signed, skoseck - New FD

Yes congrats on getting FD! (Also you should thank Alex for not demoting you after)

Thanks + He said he does not care anymore about CP → FD promos…

Yeah, cause the CAC ones are alot more important than FD ones.

Another reason why they should close the group wall

This person called Edina is just trying to spread hate and trying to get everyone to stop playing the game just because SHE got banned, so closing the group wall would fix all of that

Yes we need the group wall to be closed #closethegroupwall

Yes we need the group wall to be closed #closethegroupwall

Also we have discord that more useful and stricter

Is FD can delete message,or Cp?

She looks like a KAREN and making worse.

I think FD+ can
(Characters pls)