Commander+ Can vote kick

Commander+ Can vote kick because when there’s a trollers etc and a DW+ is not there its got to be suffered Also because in the app its says When your get to “Commander rank” you will not abuse admin and yet it doesn’t get admin anyway i worked so hard for the rank i wanted and its a scam question.

Deputy Wardens are trusted with the votekick function. Commanders are allowed to go into the Control Room to control the lockdown, lights and doors, that is enough power for a Commander. If you want more power/authority, you will have to rank up or get promoted. Doing this also makes sure nobody abuses the votekick system.


I totally agree with @xMist_y , since the VK system went to DW+, I see VK abuse way less often. Though even some DW and even wardens abuse it.

Commander is just a too easy rank to get, only 8 hours of playtime just isn’t much.

In my opinion, it should even be warden+ or just entirely removed, or at least make it just kick the player and not serverban.


Question- What is an offence that we should punish by instant solitary/max?

Instant max:
Owning/using a gun
Crossing a red line/ major attempting to escape (at least trespassing 2 doors)

Instant Solitary:
Attacking other players with a knive
Opening doors with a keycard

(Most of the offenses count with the warning system lol)


I agree commander should not get votekick perms.

cool this suggestion is very cool yes

Do you know how many more abusers / false VK’s would cause?

Half the abusers I come across are commanders.
So definitely not.

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well im not responsible for that if you have problems with anyone do something by yourself (it will do almost nothing) or report (your last option)

Giving it to COMM+ would cause way more abuse, and people getting falsely kicked from the server, and idk if you know, but when you get VKed, you basically get serverbanned, what can be very annoying if a session is being held in that server.

It says that thing with admin cause very long time ago, when there wasn’t even level system, some low ranks (including PI, DW, W, and commander probably too) had admin. It is months ago, and is completely outdated.

it will only delay trolls putting it on dw is good but i feel like rank requirment should be lower
benefits are bad and good like neutral (unlees is too high or too low)

They should make that if a PI-DW VKs the. person should just be kicked, and only if a warden VK’s the person would be serverbanned

If this would be added, I would recommend that PI must have at least 80% of server to agree to votekick, as even PI are often abusers.

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Well I would have to agree @Mr_Bas4949 BUT that’s going to have way to much abuse then there already is so I think that should not be a thing to add. Not to be rude or anything but COMM have the power of lockdown,cells, and cell lights so I think that should not be a thing. If you want to have that in the server that your in then that’s fine but it’s not going to go with all servers. Sorry @Mr_Bas4949

80%? too high man should be most of the PI+ or whole server (inmates not included)

A lof of PI and comm just instantly vote yes when they see a VK, without even reading the readon.

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I understand your point but quite a lot of DWs and even some Ws abuses the Vote-kick system.
They usually have experience and knows how to use the system properly. For a Commander who only spent 8 hours in the game or just paid some Robux, so they will often make mistakes in using it and may cause some issues.


I do not agree with this, It would be chaos due to Lower ranks false vote kicking people.