Company Logging Information

Company Logging Information

Importance of Logging

In the environment of Stateview, maintaining an organized and transparent system is paramount. This is achieved through the meticulous logging of all rank changes, issued punishments, and conducted sessions in the administration server. This practice serves as the backbone for accountability, ensuring a fair and comprehensive approach in the administration of the community.

Significance of Logs

Logs are more than just records; they are the foundation of the Stateview system. These detailed records play a crucial role in various aspects, including the fair implementation of punishments and the objective assessment of players for promotions. The transparency facilitated by these logs contributes to the overall integrity of the Stateview community.

Logging Procedures

For staff members seeking guidance on how to log information, the process is straightforward. Navigate to the appropriate channel in the administration server, where the pinned message or the channel’s about section provides guidance on the correct format for logging. This ensures consistency and accuracy across all records.