Company Promotion Expectations & Requirements

Promotion Expectations & Requirements

Stateview’s administration has meticulously formulated these requirements and expectations to recognize and reward deserving staff members. These guidelines are designed for adherence by all high-ranking officials, aiming to ensure a standard of excellence and commitment within the Stateview community.

Expectations & Requirements

Promotion Requirements Raised Opportunity Factors of Determination
Game Activity Departmental Status Departmental Status
Discord Activity Community Engagement Leave of Absence
Levels of Maturity No Previous Infractions Infraction Status
High Game Activity Reform Status

Stateview Corporation offers endless amounts of programs that each community member or staff associate may apply to. When joining an extra program, such as a department- This raises the chances of getting promoted.


These specific rank requirements apply to [Facility Director - Board of Governors], as members who are promoted, are expected to be top-tier. We’ve established these requirements and expectations in an effort to properly reward staff associates. If these factors of determination are not followed, or taken into account by high ranking offers it may lead to disciplinary action.

Cadet Officer to Warden may be promoted from promotional sessions. Warden’s may only be promoted through training/inspections.

Failure to Follow Requirements

Failure to conduct daily-operations in a manner which compiles with these requirements and expectations, may result in disciplinary action or sanctions.


[1]: Verbal Warning
[2]: 7-Day Suspension
[3]: Removal From Ranking Permissions